Archer Place | U of F Student Housing and Apartment Rental Investment

May 14, 2020


Archer Place, located at the University of Florida, Gainesville FL, features 195 rental units. It is also a qualified EB5 Visa Project, managed exclusively by BAI Capital.



Archer Place Development | Property Investment Opportunity



Today we go over 4 components of the upcoming Archer Place Condo Complex in North Florida.
  1. Student Housing in a High Demand Location
  2. Daily and Annual Rental of 195 Modern Condo Units
  3. Stable Mid to Long Term Real Estate Investment
  4. EB5 Visa Immigration Investment with Substantial Job Creation


1. Student and Family Housing

Archer Place is located just minutes from the University of Florida campus in Gainesville Florida.

Founded in 1866, the University of Florida is listed #7 in the ranking of state universities nationwide, with more than 75,000 enrolled students. 5th in national enrollment ranking, it is without a doubt the number one university in Florida.


2. Annual Condo Rentals

Multi-family real estate project with 195 residential units for rent to university students. The student housing market, a stable source of rental income, is situated as a promising sector for mid and long term capital diversification.


3. Mid to Long Term Real Estate Investment

In early 2020 BAI Capital began offering the possibility of investing in this promising student housing project located on the campus of the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL, for the construction and administration of 195 condo units.

Preferred equity investors will have a 7% annual coupon plus additional earnings from an
investment minimum of USD 200,000.


4. EB5 Visa Immigration Investment

Archer Place is one of BAI Capitals’ investment projects in the United States, where clients can invest, and if they wish, also petition for their US Green Card. Minimum investment for this TEA approved EB5 Project is USD 900,000.


2020 still has solid places for investment. Education, an essential service and tradition, alongside with the accompanying student housing, are two sectors that should show a strong recovery post COVID-19.

Archer Place in North Florida positions itself as a favorable option for Equity, EB-5 and Rental Investors. Contact BAI Capital for more information about this attractive opportunity.



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